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Office furniture manufacturers introduce the classification of office furniture

Date: 2022-12-15 11:07:37 Views:1

According to the style of furniture, it can be divided into: modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture and new classical furniture.

European classicist: European classical furniture has rich cultural connotation and is suitable for the decoration of European classical style.

American furniture: simple atmosphere, casual lines, but pay attention to clean and capable.

Chinese classical furniture: elegant and elegant, craftsmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful, but also practical!

Neoclassical furniture: smooth lines and exquisite carving. With both nostalgic and fashionable style and image, it is not only loved by the middle-aged and elderly, but also by a young person.

2、 The furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture and steel wood furniture according to the materials used.

1. Solid wood furniture: It is made of logs, polished and painted. The materials are exquisite and durable.

2. Panel furniture: The panel is stable and not easy to deform, so it is convenient to process and transport.

3. Upholstered furniture: Upholstered furniture mainly refers to furniture with sponge and fabric as the main body.

4. Rattan furniture: light and generous, and those closely interwoven vines are simple and refreshing.

5. Metal furniture: It is very personalized, with rich color choices, various varieties, folding function, good value, and cheap goods.

6. Steel wood furniture: simple geometric structure, simple steel wood combination and simple color expression express the simplicity of steel wood furniture.

7. Glass furniture: It is popular for its unique crystal clear, fresh and bright characteristics.

8. Marble furniture: the surface is crystal clear and moist, the texture is warm and graceful, the pattern and texture are beautiful, and it is not afraid of dirt, hot and other advantages, which is deeply loved by consumers.

9. Ceramic furniture: ceramic materials generally have high hardness, but poor plasticity. In addition to the use of food utensils and decorations, it also plays an important role in the development of science and technology

In recent years, the living standard of farmers, especially in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other places, has even been higher than that of urban residents. The vast market of furniture in the future must take into account the well-to-do farmers, whose demand for furniture will increase by 20% to 30% every year. According to the survey of Guangdong Furniture Association, at least 80% of farmers in Guangdong want to buy various finished furniture when they get married or build a house.

This change in the purchase of office furniture by farmers is mainly due to the following reasons: First, the improvement of farmers' cultural quality makes them increasingly yearn for a home style environment with cultural taste. Secondly, after more than 20 years of rural reform, the rural household accounting unit model has become more perfect. As both a production unit and a consumer unit, it is necessary to purchase some necessary office furniture to work at home to adapt to the changes of the times.